Our Building Process

Building a custom home is a journey. ​J. McLemore Construction has an organized approach to building new homes. Our transparent building process keeps our homebuyers involved, taking the uncertainty out of making your dream home a reality.

1. Initial Consultation

In this initial consultation we will review your goals for the project, including the location, design criteria, budget and financing, and demonstrate the skills and experience it takes to deliver the finest quality home construction services. 

2. Securing a Home Site

Changing a floor plan is much easier than changing a piece of land, so finding the right lot for your home is crucial. J. McLemore Construction will build your home on a lot you already own or on land you intend to buy. We thoughtfully analyze all factors that impact lot selection and home orientation. Once you select your lot and have it under contract, we perform a topographical survey of the land and discuss your design criteria, budget and financing in further detail.

3. Pre-Construction Planning 

In pre-construction planning, J. McLemore Construction will define the scope of your custom home project, which is a description of the work that will be performed during the build. We will outline the scope from start to finish, and determine what types of workers are needed for each phase, as well as what equipment and materials will be required to complete the build. The scope will go from a broad outline to a step-by-step definition of each item that needs to be checked to reach the project goal. 

4. Construction Agreement 

After your plans and specifications get finalized, we form a construction agreement. You meet with our team to review details related to your completed conceptual plan, selection schedule, allowances, and bank draw schedule or other financing arrangement. J. McLemore Construction will communicate your plans to the appropriate local authorities to acquire necessary building permits and municipality acceptance. Once approved, the construction of your new home can begin!

5. Preliminary Design Appointment

Our design planning offers thousands of selections, chosen to provide you quality and style at an affordable price. If you’re building a home from the ground up, we will reach out to you directly to schedule this meeting and work with you to personalize your new home to fit your unique style. 

6. Home Construction 

Our construction team will meet with you prior to the start of the build to share the construction schedule, to ensure you have online access to our construction software, and to open communications to the team. Our team will be in constant communication with you throughout the construction process. For timely project completion and complete customer satisfaction, J. McLemore proficiently coordinates all construction elements, schedules, and trades through an integrated online system. This system includes a downloadable app for your smartphone and tablets. All of our trades, project managers, and construction personnel use this system to ensure the construction of your home is on time, within budget, and aligns with our high-quality standards. You have access to the system to monitor, comment, and participate in the construction of your home. Through the system, you can know what is happening with your home daily; you can upload comments and pictures, as you visit the site and communicate with the project manager.

7. Closing and Welcome Home 

We take great pride in our homes and want you and your family to be as proud of your new home as we are. Prior to completion of your home, we will perform a final walkthrough with you to ensure that the level of craftsmanship meets your expectations and then welcome you home!